Girlfriend Construction Set
The Virtual Dating Simulator
by Tom Scheffler

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Girlfriend Construction Set 5
Multi-Gender Edition

Now available

Fully compatible with Windows 7,
(all 64 bit and 32 bit editions)
XP, and Vista

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The All-New Multi-Gender Girlfriend Construction Set 5 is here. It was 23 years
ago, in 1989, that I wrote the original DOS version of Girlfriend Construction Set,
for PC-XT computers with CGA graphics. Things have come a long way since then.
Now computers have True Color video systems, and we're not limited to 1980s cartoon
graphics. Now Girlfriend Construction Set uses real photos to illustrate the interactive
relationship with your virtual date, while retaining the game's classic concept of Interactive
Text Adventure.

                Register Girlfriend Construction Set 5

You can purchase a product registration for Girlfriend Construction Set 5 on the web,
through BMT Micro, using a credit card.  Register Girlfriend Construction Set 5 for
the low price of only $19.95.  Product registrations currently being sold through BMT
Micro are only for Girlfriend Construction Set 5.  Any registration keys purchased
for GCS 3.x or GCS 4 will not work with GCS 5.  Please make sure the free version
of GCS 5 runs well on your computer before buying a Product Registration.

The New Multi-Gender Version 5 is here.

If you are lucky enough to be with a real live sweetheart, go out and have fun,
and snuggle by the fire when it gets cold, and enjoy some warm passionate kisses.
If you don't have a special someone to keep you warm this fall, you can always
download Girlfriend Construction Set.

Girlfriend Construction Set 5, completed on 9-16-2012, has been completely
rewritten and reprogrammed from the ground up using Microsoft's .Net Frameworks
technology, providing total compatibility with the latest versions of Windows.
Girlfriend Construction Set 5 has been tested extensively, and performs well on
Windows XP and all versions Windows 7, including 32 bit and 64 bit editions.
Girlfriend Construction Set 5 will run on any version of Windows that is compatible
with Microsoft .Net Frameworks 4 or later, including the desktop side of the new
Windows 8 operating system.

Girlfriend Construction Set 5 isn't just for creating custom girlfriends.  In this new
Multi-Gender version, you can construct a custom girlfriend, or you can be the
girlfriend and design a customized man.  In Girlfriend Construction Set 5, you can
even play 4 different ways -
As a Female Dating Males
As a Female Dating Females
As a Male Dating Females
As a Male Dating Males

You can stick to dating just one gender, or you can be "Bi" and keep your options open.
Experiment with alternate lifestyles without anyone finding out in real life.  Or see the dating
scene from another gender's point of view.  If you prefer, you can still play the game as a
man dating women.  If you purchase a product registration for Girlfriend Construction Set 5,
you will also get extra-hot multi-gender adult mode content, and you can save games and
keep several virtual personalities going at once. 

Lots of places to take your virtual date

You can take your date out on a romantic evening at a secluded beach. Or go on a long hike
together. Take your sweetie to Medieval Knights and watch a rousing joust.  Or go to Roman
Times and watch gladiators fight to the death. You and your friends can even do battle with
your sweetheart's friends in an intense afternoon of Paintball.  You can go on a trip
ANYWHERE in the world. Your choice.  And... you can finally go to Reno, where you can
gamble and win big. You can win even more money playing the lottery.

Newly Redesigned Game Setup Options
When you start the game, you enter the basic information for the character you want to be
while playing the game, including first and last name, gender, sexual preference, and your
measurements.  And now you have the option of seeing a drawing of your character's body,
reflecting the measurements you enter.  The measurements can be displayed in inches and
pounds, or if you prefer, in centimeters and kilograms.  You also enter your job title, what
kind of car you drive, and the name of your best friend. This can all be real information, or
crazy stuff you make up. You can drive a Glacier Melter SUV, or any other crazy name
you feel like typing in. And you can drive it to the office where you work as a See-Through
Clothing Inspector, or whatever crazy job you want to have.

You also have the option of Enrolling in School, which costs you a little money, but makes your
score go up every time you ace a test.  A higher score means more money at work, and better
romantic partners. You can enter the name of any school you want to attend, and any major you
want.  Doesn't even have to be real. You can attend Collision College, and major in Chase Scene
Stunt Technology. You might even meet a hot college babe at school. And you might even get to
join a hot babe's study group.

After all that, if you start running low on cash, you can always move into a smaller place, to save
money. Or if you're making lots of money, you can move into a bigger place to impress people.
Or buy a hotter car. Or apply for a better job. It's all on the Lifestyle Menu.

TV Shows

When you're watching TV with your sweetie on the couch, or in bed after sex, you could just randomly
watch whatever happens to be on.  Or - you can use the TV Program Guide to find something good.
You can even order a Pay Per View program, and type in any program you want. (Whether it exists
in real life or not)  But that will cost you a few bucks.

More Places to Pick Up Hotties

You can still meet people at a club or a bar, or you can try these places to meet someone,
all available through the Beer Mug Icon -
- At the Grocery Store
- At the Liquor Store
- At the Video Store (Still In Biz Video)
- At the Health Club
- At a Strip Club (if you're really lucky)
- On the Internet
- At the Public Library
- At School, if you're enrolled as a student
   And then, there's always work

New Enhanced Partner Personalities

An all-new set of Personality Programming Algorithms greatly enhances the personalities of the people
you meet in the game. The nice people are still nice, but now the mean ones are meaner, the desperate
ones act more desperate, the crazy ones are crazier, and the druggies are.... even crazier!

Send me your ideas for crazy new dates

If you have any ideas for crazy new dating activities you would like to see in Girlfriend Construction Set,
(Skydiving chess?  Underwater bowling?  Paintball Art Gallery?)
I would love to hear about it. Please send me your ideas, to
Or even if it's just a "normal" date that I haven't thought of before, send me that too.
No idea is too stupid or too crazy. (Or too naughty for adult mode)

Playing Girlfriend Construction Set

You start off with 25 points, 25 dollars, and no partner.  You can go out to bars or night clubs and try to pick up
people. There are plenty of places to meet someone special. Try shopping at a grocery store, or a liquor store.
Or working out at the health club. Or you could run out to Still In Biz Video, and rent a movie. All of those places
are filled with people who just might give you their phone number. If you go to the library to check out a book, a cute
librarian could turn out to be very helpful.  A buddy of yours might talk you into going out to a strip club, where you
can look but you can't touch. Unless you happen to meet a stripper in the parking lot when her boyfriend is not around.
You might get lucky, if you spend a little money buying drinks for hotties. If you run low on money, you can always show
up at work and get paid. You might even meet someone at the office. Or at school, if you show up for class. If you
meet someone at a bar or at work, you never know what kind of personality the person is going to have. If you date
the person, he or she might drive you crazy. But don't worry - as always, you still have the option of designing your
own custom partner, using the new enhanced Partner Design tools in Girlfriend Construction Set 5.

Constructing a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

When constructing a new partner, the most important qualities in the design process are the 10 vital personality traits.
Each of them is scored on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being great, and 0 being horrible. These are universal traits that
pretty much everyone wants. But you can't have them all. Not until your point total reaches 100. Until it does, you have
to decide which attributes are more important to you. To make them all great, you need to spend 10 points on each of 
the 10 traits. But you only start with 25 points, which would be 2 or 3 points per attribute if you set them all about even.
Which would make for a very scary date. So you may want to spend a little more on the attributes that are most important
to you. And you may want to give the person a smokin' hot body, which will cost you 10 of your precious points.
(On the other hand, a "2" isn't THAT bad looking, right?)  So, when you include the points needed for a great body,
it takes 110 points to construct a really fine girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Ten Vital Personality Attributes

If you spend 10 points on each of these attributes, here's how your girlfriend or boyfriend turns out to be:
1. A Clean and Classy person with excellent hygiene and grooming habits.
2. Kind and Nice
3. Very Affectionate
4. Confident and Secure, doesn't get jealous very easily. 
5. Likes to have fun, and doesn't get overly serious too often.
6. Emotionally stable, and not a psycho.
7. Not controlling, lets you be yourself.
8. You get along very well with each other's friends. Your partner's family even likes you.
9. Your partner loves having sex with you, and is great in bed.
10. Your partner is Monogamous - doesn't fool around with other people while seeing you.

If you spend No Points on each of these attributes, here's how your girlfriend or boyfriend turns out to be:
1. Filthy and Disgusting Hygiene and grooming habits. 
2. Mean and Bitchy.
3. Not Affectionate at all. (Just Try to kiss or hold hands!)
4. Insecure and Very Possessive, gets jealous over nothing.
5. Gets way too serious about life, and the news, and politics. Doesn't know how to let loose and have fun.
6. A total psycho.
7. Very controlling, micro-manages the way you do everything.
8. You can't stand each other's lame friends.  Your partner's family thinks you're a loser.
9. Your partner is terrible in bed.  Selfish and closed minded.
10. Very promiscuous - sleeps around with other people while seeing you.

Additional Personality Preferences

You also get to choose other personality traits when designing a girlfriend or boyfriend.
These attributes are personal preferences that don't cost you any points. Dates go smoother
when you like the same things.

1. How intelligent is the person?  (Some people like airheads)
2. How healthy is the person?  Always at the doctor's office?
3. How active is the person?  An athlete who runs every day, or a couch potato?
4. Does the person drink or use drugs?  You won't be able to get a non-drinker to get drunk.
5. Does the person know how to cook, and whip up gourmet meals for you?
6. What are the person's political views? Conservative, liberal, or moderate?
7. What is the person's favorite kind of music?
8. Does the person like watching sports like football, baseball, and basketball?  Some people hate sports.
9. Does the person appreciate the fine arts? Going to plays, and operas, and art galleries?
10. Does the person like to go out a lot?  Some people prefer a quiet evening at home.
11. Does the person like to travel? Or is going to the airport just a big hassle?

You can also choose one special thing the person really loves, and one thing they really can't stand.

The Job

You also select the job title that you want your newly designed sweetie to have.  (How about president?)
And each job on the list has an income level associated with it, that will come into play later.
If you want your sweetie to have a job that's not on the list, you can type in any job title you want,
along with the income level that goes with that job. (How about Lion Taming Technician Recruiter?)
Of course, this only applies to partners you construct. When you meet people at a bar, they are what they are.

Designing the Body

You design a new partner's body by setting measurements, and an on-screen drawing of the body instantly
changes as you adjust the size of various body parts.  The measurements can be displayed in inches and
pounds, or if you prefer, in centimeters and kilograms.  The body is instantly rated on a hotness scale from
0 to 10.  Keep in mind, if you design a body that is a Total Hottie 10, you will be taking ten points away
from personality attributes that you may desperately need your new partner to have.

BodySmall.jpg (23968 bytes)

Choosing a Face

Girlfriend Construction Set 5 comes with 100 faces built-in --- 50 male faces and 50 female faces.
You can choose any one of those faces to be the face of your new girlfriend or boyfriend. And if you
purchase a product registration for Girlfriend Construction Set 5, you have the option of importing
additional photos into Girlfriend Construction Set. Then, you can use any face you want for your GCS
sweetheart. Even a hot model or movie star. Or your real-life sweetheart's jpeg. (If you're lucky enough
to have one)  When you buy a product registration for Girlfriend Construction Set, you can also import
adult photos, which will be used in the extra-hot Adult Mode. When you switch into Adult Mode,
Girlfriend Construction Set changes from tame to hot. 
(Only available to adults who buy a product registration)

Going Out On Dates

If you want to take your new girlfriend or boyfriend out to eat, look at the Restaurant Guide for an
extensive list of restaurants and coffee shops for that crucial first date.   How about a movie?  Choose
a movie you want to see from the movie listings. Maybe your partner will agree with your movie choice.
Once he or she gets to know you, your sweetheart may agree to go on an exotic adventure to a foreign destination.
If you treat your partner right, and he or she likes you, your approval rating will go up, along with your status score.
The more your status score goes up, the more points you have for creating better partners. With a higher status score,
you also make more money at work.

Dating More Than One Person

In Girlfriend Construction Set, you can date more than one person at a time. Even after you've designed a custom
partner, you can still go out cruising for hotties at clubs, sports bars, health clubs, and stores. If someone gives you
their phone number, you can call the person later and ask them out. You might even hook up with them that night.
You can date as many men and women as you want to juggle. Just try to make sure your regular partner doesn't
find out. He or she might get jealous.  Or your partner might dump you, and a bar skank could be your new partner.


Your partner will dump you if your approval rating drops too low, or if you're really mean and the person doesn't like
being abused. (However, some people do have low self-esteem, and you can get away with more)
Girlfriend Construction Set supports drag and drop. If she's a drag, you can drop her.  GCS uses new improved
technology for accomplishing the important task of using the mouse to drag your partner's photo over to the trash can.
You can also click on the trash can to dump the person. Your sweetheart may plead with you not to break up, if the
person really likes you. You can dump your current partner anytime, and construct a new one, using your newly
increased points. (If your score has gone up)  This way, you can gradually upgrade to a perfect 110 point partner.

Batting Average

One of your goals in the game, besides just having a good time with your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend, is improving
your batting average.  Your batting average is: How many dates with your partner have included sex, divided by
how many total dates you've had with him or her. If you're batting above .300, you're hitting some home runs.
Above .500 is GCS Hall of Fame material.

The Ultimate Goal

Girlfriend Construction Set isn't just a game to be solved as quickly as possible.  It's Interactive Fiction that keeps going.
The game is designed to make things play out differently each time you play it. For example, you can take your sweetie
out to a baseball game 25 times, and each time the score will be different, and a different team will win. You even get to
choose what teams play the game, by typing in any team name you want when buying the tickets.
(It can be Mets vs. Cardinals, or Grasshoppers vs. Ants, or any words you feel like typing in)
For game players who do want an ultimate goal, Girlfriend Construction Set does have one: Getting Into The BIG PARTY.
But security won't let just anybody into the Mansion. You and your date must both be Perfect. If they kick you out, though,
don't give up. Keep trying. Eventually they'll let you in. If you are Perfect. (And if you have the correct passwords)

Other Features

- When you're ordering food or drinks at a bar or a restaurant, you can order something from the menu,
   or you can order anything you want - just type it in. Make up your own exotic drink, and the bartender
   will whip it up for you. Have a taste for an unusual (or disgusting) dish no one has ever cooked before?
   Order it, and the chef will whip it up for you.
- Want to do something really unexpected on a date, and totally shock your partner?
   The "Do Something Stupid" button allows you to type in any crazy or stupid action you want to do.
   Just be careful - your approval rating may plummet if you do something really stupid and your partner
   doesn't have a sense of humor.
- Your partner, or one of your other bar pickups, may call you out of the blue and ask you out.
   Sometimes they might ask you to do something fun, like go out to a movie. Other times, they might ask
   you out on a chick date, or to go shopping, or help with something like washing the car.
   If you say yes, your approval rating will go up, but be careful you don't end up in the "Friend Zone."
   And if you're too nice, you might come down with a nasty case of PW. (Whipped)

Game Tips

If you're not sure what to do on a date, the dating advisor is always there for you.
Keep track of your health. All work and no play can make you ill.
When you're at a bar, make sure you have enough money before you offer to buy a someone a drink.
For Registered users only: Frequent use of the Save command allows you to recover from disasters.
You can Open a previous game anytime.

Registering Girlfriend Construction Set

Girlfriend Construction Set is a shareware product with two levels of features. The free version has
no time limit - it doesn't expire after a month. I have tried to make the free version as much fun as
possible, while reserving a lot of extra goodies for the people who are kind enough to send me money.
The major features you get when you purchase a product registration, are:
1. The ability to save your game in progress and pick it up where you left off later on.
    Otherwise, once you exit the program and restart it, you have to start over with
    25 points, 25 dollars, and no phone numbers from bar babes.
2. The ability to import photos. These can be people's faces, or adult action photos.
3. The option of switching into Adult Mode. This special mode, for Adults only,
    turns GCS into a hot, steamy adult game, complete with magazine-quality descriptions
    of the action, and illustrated with the adult photos you import. Some dates are
    only available in Adult Mode.

You can purchase a product registration for Girlfriend Construction Set 5 on the web,
through BMT Micro, using a credit card.

Download Girlfriend Construction Set 5                            Home

Register Girlfriend Construction Set 5

System requirements

To play Girlfriend Construction Set 5, you'll need a PC running Windows and Microsoft
.Net Frameworks 4 or later.  .Net Frameworks is available for most versions of Windows,
including Windows XP, Vista, all 32 bit and 64 bit editions of Windows 7, and the desktop
side of the new Windows 8 operating system.  Girlfriend Construction Set 5 has been
extensively tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Windows 7 Home Edition, and Windows
.Net Frameworks 4 or later needs to be installed on your PC before GCS 5 will run.
The game will install even without .NET Frameworks, but when you try to run GCS 5,
you will get an error message if .NET Frameworks 4 or later is not already installed on your
system.  Many new software programs are build on .NET Frameworks, so you may already
have it on your system.  If not, you can download the latest version of .NET Frameworks
for free from Microsoft's web site.

The display screens in Girlfriend Construction Set 5 have been redesigned to be compatible
with the Windows 7 "High DPI" option that makes text larger and easier to read on high
resolution displays.  GCS 5 drawings and pictures display well, even when the user DPI
setting is set to 150%.

Make sure you're happy with the way Girlfriend Construction Set 5 runs on your
computer before you buy a registration for the game.
GCS 5 hasn't been tested on a Mac running Windows, but you're welcome to try it.
If you can't get GCS 5 to run on your computer, I would appreciate it if you could
send me an email and let me know, so I can keep this information accurate. If you
can get it to install on a Mac running Windows, please let me know.

I would appreciate any error reports you want to send me.

               Send mail to with questions or comments.

To Female Fans of Girlfriend Construction Set

To all you hot babes and sweethearts who have been playing my game, and actually buying Girlfriend
Construction Set - thank you so much.  And thanks for the help I've received in getting version 5
finished.  It took several months of hard work to finish. Now I can finally go on some real dates. 
With my REAL girlfriend.

You can write me at:

Thank you.

Tom Scheffler